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    Emily Elizabeth

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    Wedding Upstyle 

    Accessories add dimension to any upstyle.

    Balayage with Rose Gold Ends

    Lightened ends with a subtle pastel color. 

    French Twist

    A relaxed take on a classic style.

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    I'll listen to your vision for your hair and turn it into reality. 

  • Axelle + Ivy is a house of beauty secrets tucked away on the cool side of the tracks. Where haircuts and color dreams come true. Specializing in hair color, cuts, makeup and extensions.

  • February Newsletter 

    Vacation Hair 

    Happy New Year to you! I started 2016 in Paris, and even your hairstylist vacates her hair routine while traveling. Here are some of my favorite hacks to look chic while exploring a new city. The key to vacation hair is letting loose while still looking fabulous for all those trip photos!

    Hats & More!


    Nothing is more chic than a floppy felt hat or a barre! Also, thank goodness beanies are in this winter to help you create an effortless, instantly cool look. If you are feeling like a gypsy, bring a scarf and tie it however you please. You are a jet-setter, after all! A different accessory, like a hat or scarf, changes up your daily look if you are on a cold weather trip. Save the blow dry for cocktails and dinners and get out the door ASAP to take in the sights.

    Dry Shampoo

    While traveling, be sure to use a dry shampoo powder. A powder targets oil at the source and you can use it multiple days in a row without tangling your ends. Plus, it is easier to travel without aerosol and this product does double duty in your travel cosmetic bag by replacing other aerosol products. Blow dry the powder in for extra volume and easy on-the-go styling in place of your normal volumizer.

    Its all About the Tools 

    Never count on your airbnb host or hotel for a good blow dryer with a nosel. A nosel is key to smoothing down fly aways and touching up bangs. Spray a little Dallas (available at Axelle & Ivy) on your bangs for fly aways and blow dry with a flat brush and Voilà - you just faked a blow dry in less than five minutes. If it is a must for your routine, bring only one medium curling iron or wand. On my recent trip I made the mistake of bringing two irons and it seemed like a small item when I was packing, but every inch in your suitcase counts!

    The Little Things 

    Don't forget to pack a small bag or tin (just make sure it has a tight seal) with a variety of hair pins and bobbies, as well as a few thin hair bands and even a thick one. Putting your hair up is a great way to make a blow dry last more than three days.

    Schedule an Appointment Before You Leave!

    My dear sister just travelled to a humid climate and couldn't see me for a haircut before she left.  Instead, she came home and told me taking a trip when you need a haircut is the worst way to travel.  Be sure to book a haircut, trim, color or touch up about two weeks before you travel.

    I wish you many adventures in 2016 and I thank you for being part of my continued adventure at Axelle &Ivy.  To book online, click the pink book now button or call me 872.395-1856.

  • October Newsletter

    October in the windy city came flying at me. I had to hold on to my hat! I worked with several gorgeous brides, found a way to make blondes even blonder and visited Miami for the first time.

    DIY Styling

    The Art of Hair by Rubi Jones | Instagram: @rubijones

    My brides this month  loved these styles! Rubi provides a perfect inspiration index when it comes to messy, natural styles that can last or evolve over days (YEAH!). Here's what I like to use when I recreate Rubi's styles -- bungee bands, bobby pins, small elastic bands, tail comb, styling crème, outer space hairspray (pick this up at Axelle + Ivy!) and an iron for curls & waves.

    "No way, I can be blonder!"

    Blonde, Blonder, Blondest!


    For any blonde who is craving to be even blonder or take their color to the next level with a silvery look, Olaplex is here! Olaplex reconnects broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair, keeping hair healthy during the coloring process and totally changes how much blonde I can add to your color. Olaplex can be added to any lighting process at Axelle + Ivy for just $50.




    Nice buns girl!

    South Beach Miami

    (from your hairstylist's POV)

    It was amazing to see locals find a way to incorporate trends while staying cool in the humid weather. I felt right at home in the Wynwood neighborhood, think Wicker Park with beautiful graffiti. I loved attending iiipoints music, art and tech fest. Due to the heat, the crowd-favorite hairstyle at the fest was teddy bear buns (my favorite, too!) and music highlights included Nicolas Jaar, Warpaint, King Krule, Nick Monaco, and Soul Clap.


    I also visited the Freehand hostel and its in- house bar, the Broken Shaker. There are only two Freehands in the US, but good news, the second one is in Chicago! It is hands down worth a visit. The Freehand also throws beautiful events with local artists, live music and more! Be sure to follow them on social media for their next one!


    Finally, this month I read (and loved) #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. Throughout the read I was constantly reminded of how grateful I am for my clients! Thank you all for continuous support. If you have any questions about booking online or new R+Co products to try, you know where to find me. I hope to see you soon!



  • September Newsletter

    Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons. Besides the reappearance of light scarves, jackets and booties, the best thing about fall is change. Even though most of us are not starting a new school year, we still get the itch for a fall makeover. No matter if it is a big change or a small one, it just feels good!


    As always, I'm happy to work with you and find the perfect change to carry you into this new season. You can book a styling lesson, including an introduction to the products below. I hope to see you soon and thank you so much for your continuous support.  I have been overwhelmed by your kind words and support since I arrived at Axelle +Ivy!





    Here are a few quick and even dramatic ways to switch it up this fall.

    Deep Parts

    I’m trying a deep side part for a dramatic change with no commitment. Motorcycle gel, available at the salon, even makes your root color appear slightly darker without changing your color. Switching up your part keeps your hair healthy and gives you extra volume, plus it instantly changes your look. 


    Healthy hair is always the most beautiful, so Balayage is here to stay.  My favorite new type of Balayage is “baby-lights.” Think about how your hair looked when you were a little kid; perfectly natural with sun-kissed highlights. If you already have highlights consider a toner to tweak the look of your pre-existing color and transform your blonde ends! Don’t want to make a big change?  Try a no-commitment color tinted conditioner by Davines.

    Boho Waves 

    Even as the weather gets colder these tousled waves still have a strong presence this fall. Mix up your curls by using two different sized irons together.  I love my wand and recently added a 1.5” iron. You can make this curling iron into a wand by removing the clip. When using this iron, carefully monitor the heat setting; it doesn’t need to be on the highest setting. 



    Before curling each section, use a bit of Outer Space Flexible hair spray, shake waves out or even brush through them with this small brush and finish with Badlands dry shampoo paste.